Capitol Hill Job Postings

  • Senate Employment Bulletin: This bulletin is updated regularly by the Senate Employment Office:

  • Work for Congress: This website splits up its listing by Senate/House of Representative positions as well as Republican and Democrat offices.  It also lists other federal jobs, campaign positions, and jobs outside of Washington, D.C.  Note that this site is subscription only at a cost of $5/month.

  • Tom Manatos Listserv: This is one of the most well-known and comprehensive listservs in the D.C. area for jobs not only on Capitol Hill, but also in public policy, media and public relations, research and development, and more.  To be added to the listserv, simply send an email to

  • Howard Bauleke Listserv: This listserv has not only Capitol Hill jobs, but also housing and events.  To join, email

  • Hillzoo:


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