WCSA Membership Services Committee Director Candidate Statement (1 position available):

Anushree Jumde

I am expressing my interest in applying for the position of Director of Member Services – to further expand on the mission of WCSA. My name is Anushree Jumde and I work as District Director for Congressman French Hill in his Arkansas offices. I started as an intern in 2012 and I have worked as a district staffer since 2014 and this is the second congressional office that I have worked in. I received my undergraduate in Environmental Science and then went on to get my graduate degree in Public Service and Administration. I have been a WCSA member since March 2021 and have been extremely floored by the support and variety of activities hosted by WCSA. I would like to serve in this position to spread WCSA’s awareness to district staffers. I have actively participated in most virtual events and feel that WCSA goes to great lengths to create a balance between district and D.C. staff. My ideas: to make sure that we work with new Member offices to include a list of associations for their staffer packet. I have been involved with local women-focused groups in Arkansas and am a huge advocate of mentorship programs. As a Director, I will work with the Board to expand the WCSA’s work in district offices to focus on the needs of women staffers. I am a team player and am always looking for opportunities within our office and beyond to help women/young girls in their career paths.

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