WCSA Professional Development Director Candidate Statements (2 positions available):

Macarena Villagomez-Tapia

My name is Macarena Villagomez-Tapia and I seek the position as professional development co-chair. Currently, I am the Legislative Correspondent for Congressman Ed Perlmutter of Colorado and have been part of his team for approximately two years.

After recently moving from Colorado to the Hill and becoming involved with WCSA, my interest in being elected as one of the professional development chairs has grown because I have learned the importance of connections and the key role WCSA plays for women on the Hill—like me. I have had experiences serving on a variety of boards and hosting events and am involved with other associations such as the Congressional Hispanic Staff Association; all experiences that make me feel confident I can excel in this role.

I am committed to helping the members of WCSA in establishing meaningful professional relationships to further their careers, hopefully leading to more women in leadership positions. I appreciate the hard work WCSA has done and am thankful for this opportunity to become more involved.

Tia Bogeljic

My name is Tia Bogeljic, and I am running for professional development co-chair. I’m a Legislative Assistant for Rep. Ed Perlmutter and I have been on the Hill for over three years. 

I am interested in this role because WCSA has provided me with opportunities to learn and grow as a professional, and expanded my network on the Hill. I want to extend the same opportunities to other women. Recently, I helped organize WCSA's summer leadership conference, in which I coordinated the legislative breakout session. This was a great opportunity for me to meet women who are senior in their roles and connect them WCSA members seeking guidance in their careers.

If elected, I would be committed to connecting WCSA members with the tools they need to develop as young professionals. Thank you. 

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