WCSA Professional Development Director Candidate Statements (2 positions available)

Candidate Statements: 

Elizabeth-Burton Jones

My previous events as Professional Development Co-Chair include: Financial Literacy vis-à-vis the working woman; “So you want to be a: Chief of Staff, Legislative Director, Office Administrator” series; resume reviews; Member of Congress lunch series; work-life balance Valentine’s Day event; Legislative Procedure Study Group sessions; Off-The-Record events with Symone Sanders, Stephanie Ruhle and White House Correspondents Anita Kumar and Francesca Chambers; and I rebooted the WCSA Book Club series.

If re-elected for a third term, I would like to have Member of Congress Brown Lunches, sit-down discussions with senior staff members, and public speaking workshops. I would also like to continue the Legislative Procedure Study Group and incorporate committee and floor simulations. I would love to work with the co-director on “bread and butter” events as well.

With regard to my background, I graduated from Georgetown University with a Masters Degree in Communication, Culture and Technology in 2014. I’ve worked on the Senate side, volunteered on the campaign trail as a surrogate, and I currently work on the House side as a press aide. During my second year on the Hill, I worked on the Hill during the day and taught a class for undergraduate students at Georgetown University at night. I joined WCSA and the Professional Development Committee when I was an intern and I view WCSA as a launchpad for your professional career. 


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