WCSA Professional Development Director Candidate Statements (2 positions available):

Megan Perleoni

My name is Megan Perleoni, and I am running to serve WCSA as a Professional Development Co-Chair.


Throughout high school, college, and my job search, I have been deeply passionate about equipping myself and other women with the skills to thrive in their career field. Hard skills aside, the ability to network, interview, and negotiate a salary are immensely important for women to master.


At my former job, I planned and led professional development seminars to empower and educate the women in our workplace. I am eager to learn from more experienced women, and to share my own knowledge, so WCSA members are equipped with the best information possible to succeed.


I am excited for the opportunity to serve WCSA and lift up other women on the Hill. I hope to bring my own ideas, and support other’s ideas, to create a strong and engaging professional development program in the WCSA community!

Sonia Norton

Having served on Capitol Hill over the last two years, I recognize the important role the WCSA community has played in setting women up for success in Congress. However, making it onto the Hill and thriving here remain elusive to many women, and gendered norms continue to marginalize women in this space. I am running for Professional Development Co-Chair to build on WCSA’s momentum in increasing access to the networking, the programming, and the support women need to rise on the Hill. In this role, I hope to build out collaborations between staff associations and to facilitate workshops and mentor-talks for women on the Hill - from interns through senior staff. As a WCSA Summer Conference Co-Chair, I was able to utilize the WCSA network and incorporate discussions of professional development and career growth for staffers pursuing a wide variety of paths on the Hill. I started my career on the Hill as an intern, and WCSA events and mighty women staffers were crucial to my growth here.  I am excited to use my experience to lift more women on the Hill and to sustain and expand resources available to WCSA members as Professional Development Co-Chair.

Emma Zafran

My name is Emma Zafran and I kindly ask for your support serving as the Women’s Congressional Staff Association Professional Development Co-chair. I seek this position so that I can help women staffers navigate the complexities, challenges, and power dynamics of working as a woman on Capitol Hill. Over the course of my professional and academic career, I’ve dedicated myself to the advancement of women. As co-chair, I would bring both this personal passion and academic knowledge to the role to ensure women staffers have the confidence and tools to succeed in their roles. 


After completing my master’s degree in Gender and Public Policy from the London School of Economics, I came to the Hill to work for my hometown Congresswoman handling women’s issues. During my undergraduate years, I volunteered for Strong Women, Strong Girls – a mentorship program to teach young girls about the power of feminist leadership. In my personal relationships, I am always the first person to remind my friends to advocate for themselves, their pay raises, and their careers.  I believe strongly in the power of relationships and am eager to bring my experience and passion for women’s professional success to the WCSA Members through new programming, workshops, and ideas.  I am especially looking forward to assisting with the Mentorship program, so that we may continue to lift up new generations of staffers and advocate for each other’s success!


Thank you for your consideration, and please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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