WCSA Professional Development Director Candidate Statements (2 positions available):

Elizabeth-Burton Jones

Serving as Professional Development Co-Chair of the Women’s Congressional Staff Association (WCSA) for the past three terms, and serving on the Professional Development Committee before that, has been full of remarkable experiences.


During my 2017-2018 term, I planned roughly 35 events. These events ran the gamut and included the launch of the Professional Development Program, which was the first of its kind for the organization. The program focuses on staffers as individuals, Congressional Staffers and bipartisan networkers and included a Congressional Simulation, Dining Like A Diplomat, Congressional Research Service (CRS) sessions, a spin class followed by brunch and much more. The program is currently concluding and offered a myriad of insights with regards to planning and organization which, if re-elected I would hope to harness during a fourth term.


Over the years, I have worked with a co-chair and I would love to work in lockstep with the co-chair by conducting regular check-ins, creating roles for our dynamic Professional Development Committee, and creating opportunities for collaboration.


In addition to building onto past events, I would like to create new events such as monthly policy briefings with CRS, quarterly mindfulness workshops, listening sessions to see what themes our members would like to focus on, as well as the bread and butter WCSA Professional Development events such as speed networking and resume reviews. If re-elected to the position of Professional Development Co-Chair for WCSA, I hope you will join me as we strive to continue to #lift each other while we climb.

Isabela Belchoir

My name is Isabela Belchior and I am running for Professional Development Co-Chair of the Women’s Congressional Staff Association. Since becoming an active member of WCSA, I had the opportunity to volunteer for the Summer Leadership Conference and to witness the important work this organization does on Capitol Hill. I was impressed by the dedication and leadership exhibited by all members responsible for this institution and would be honored to contribute as Professional Development Co-Chair.


If elected, I plan to fully support my fellow Co-Chair on initiatives to promote women in the workplace, and help them achieve a sustainable and healthy work/life balance through mentorship and friendship. As a member of WCSA, one of my favorite programs is the Legislative Procedure Study Group where we had the opportunity to learn from leaders in and around Capitol Hill. As Professional Development Co-Chair, I will work to expand on similar learning opportunities with the goal of catapulting careers here on the Hill and beyond.


In 2016, I graduated with a Juris Doctor from the University of Houston Law Center where professional development is a fundamental aspect of our training. In 2017, I was hired as legislative counsel in the House of Representatives and have since developed a deep passion for public service in the policy realm. WCSA’s mission and commitment to empower women in government has inspired me to grow professionally and I plan to continue expanding this organization so that more women can share the positive experience I have enjoyed.

Robyn Bryan

My name is Robyn Bryan, and I am running for professional development co-chair. I’m the Press Secretary for Rep. Dan Kildee, and I have been on the Hill for over three years. 

I am interested in being the Professional development co-chair, because WCSA has connected me with opportunities that I would not have had otherwise or approached on my own. I want to extend the same opportunities to other women on the hill. In my career, I am continuously the lead person on events in my office because of my lead role in handling press. I have experience working with a wide variety of organizations, such as outside interest groups and other Congressional offices. I have been an active participate in WCSA throughout the last three years, including developing digital content for the summer leadership conference and promoting its value to the women in my community.

If elected, I would be committed to bettering the professional development of current WCSA members and ushering in a new class of leaders in the coming years. Thank you for the opportunity. 

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