WCSA Events and Activities Director Candidate Statements (2 available positions)

Candidate Statements: 

Emily Richardson

I joined WCSA in August 2016 and immediately fell in love with its members and mission. In an environment where women often face discouragement and discrimination, a community of support and empowerment makes all the difference. I have met some of my best friends through WCSA's various activities and events, which is why I want to give back to the organization as an Events & Activities Director. These events enable members to form lasting relationships that contribute to WCSA's unique network of strong women dedicated to lifting each other up. I would love to use this role to grow WCSA's partnerships with other Hill staff associations, delve into D.C.'s flourishing arts and culture scene, and co-host events with the Community Service Directors. While I recognize the nature of WCSA as a professional development organization, I want to expand on that mission by helping members socialize and bond over common interests that fall outside of the workplace, which can in turn strengthen their professional networks. Further, I would build on the excellent work of this past year's Directors by extending the breadth of our activities to reach as many members as possible. Thank you for your consideration for my candidacy as Events & Activities Director, and I look forward to meeting and discussing my vision in the weeks ahead.

Anna Platt

I am excited to once again be a candidate for co-Director of WCSA’s Events and Activities Committee. Serving as a co-Director of this Committee over the past year has been a fantastic experience and I would be honored to serve in that capacity again in 2018. I believe the Events and Activities Committee can be the “go-to” committee for WCSA members looking to attend fun gatherings, as well as a way for potential WCSA members to learn about the association.  I have met so many impressive professional women through WCSA by volunteering at the Summer Conference and organizing events ranging from the annual holiday party to a happy hour at the British Embassy.  Bringing female staffers together in an informal, welcoming environment is what the Events and Activities Committee is all about, and I want to build on that record in 2018 (in addition to some upcoming events already in the works for the remainder of this year!).  

When not putting together exciting events for WCSA, I work as a Legislative Assistant in the House.  I also enjoy early morning runs when the weather is nice, checking out the Dupont Farmers Market on Sundays, and chasing after my two little nieces. WCSA is a special organization, and I hope I have the opportunity to again serve as a co-Director of the Events and Activities Committee to help make next year WCSA’s best one yet.

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