WCSA Events and Activities Director Candidate Statements (2 available positions): 

Chelsea Angelo

Hello! My name is Chelsea Angelo and I am running for WCSA's Events & Activities Co-Chair...again! I've had the pleasure of serving on this board this year, and am excited at the prospect of another term. This year's plans were certainly derailed, but I am hoping to find innovative, fun ways to bring members of WCSA together in fellowship. Some ideas I have include virtual cooking/baking class, speed networking utilizing Zoom's breakout rooms, and working with the other board Members to create new, collaborative programming! I'm well organized and determined as ever to make sure I fulfill the duties of this position to the best of my ability. I feel like I just got my feet wet in 2020 and am ready to take a dive into 2021.

Sarah Callander

I am inspired to run for a position with WCSA because of the incredible service they provide and continue to provide while so many of us are working, networking, and socializing online. I’m a planner by nature and I currently use that skill as tour coordinator in Senator Leahy’s office; previously I worked as an assistant in Congressman Peter Welch’s district office where I planned many district events. 

I'm from a small town in Vermont where I’ve been involved in its political scene since high school and then continued with Maryland and Baltimore politics while attending Goucher College. I also enjoy skiing, fiction writing, cooking (Yes, I am into the sourdough craze), and painting. Having worked in both district and D.C. offices and many other roles – including my first job as a grocery store cashier at age 15 – my passion is engaging and helping people.

I am fervent about involving friends and family in politics and advocacy while also supporting my colleagues in their careers and personal lives. As Congressional staffers, our conversations revolve around politics but not always about improving the workplace. Sometimes we feel alone and don’t know how to seek out advice, mentorship, or advocates. WCSA is a much-needed resource that provides events, networking, mentorship programs, and a sense of community to all women staffers. I hope to continue the work of WCSA as an Events & Activities Director through creating events that involve all WCSA members and support them in whatever they need.

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