WCSA Events and Activities Director Candidate Statements (2 available positions): 

Chelsea Angelo

Hello! I am a Tennessee native who moved to DC in January. After four years on the campaign trail, I relocated to find a “more stable career still involved with politics.” Oops..I’ve settled into my role on the Hill and have enjoyed my WCSA membership so far, but I want to take on more responsibility.

I think the E&A Chair position aligns well with my personality and previous experiences. I’m outgoing and organized - most recently serving as a volunteer for the WSCA conference. In the spring, I was Reception Chair for one of the largest events put on by Women’s Information Network and I served on the Young Leaders Council for Women for Tennessee’s Future for several years. In this role, I worked closely coordinating events to support women running at the local and state level. I’ve held positions on the fundraising side of campaigns as well - which involved high level event-planning.

I would like initiate a few new ideas for WCSA. From political-centric events like Campaign workshops and navigating DC, to more laid back outings such visiting the Zoo or hiking in Rock Creek, I think the possibilities are endless. I would also love if WCSA could partner with other staff associations, like CHSA or the LGBT CSA, in hosting joint events or outings. The opportunities could be beneficial for all staffers. I enjoy working collaboratively, and if elected, I’d appreciate input from any and all WCSA members on events they would like too! Thanks for the opportunity!

Gabriella Vesey

My name is Gabriella Vesey and I am running to serve as the Events and Activities Director. I first found out about WCSA while I was still in college, a new intern on the hill during the summer of 2017. One of the most memorable parts of my summer was attending the annual WCSA conference, where I got to hear from so many motivated and intelligent women. I left the conference feeling like there was a place for me on Capitol Hill, with an entire community of built-in support. Now, as a staff assistant for Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester, I would be honored to help organize events for the WCSA community. I have several ideas for events including, a trip to see a Washington Wizards or Nationals game, fireside chat with a Member of Congress, Sephora facial party, therapy dog session, and a pizza movie night. I would also love to continue the tradition of hosting a holiday party and happy hour networking events through the year. The outgoing co-chairs have done a fantastic job organizing events for the WCSA community this past year and I look forward to continuing their hard work!

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