WCSA Outreach and Community Service Director Candidate Statements  (2 available positions) 

Annika Christensen

Thank you for considering my candidacy for WCSA Outreach and Community Service Chair. I loved returning to the WCSA board last year to serve in this position, with a specific focus on outreach to other Staff Associations. WCSA has strong relationships with the diverse community of Staff Associations across the Hill, and they could be even stronger. My mission is to celebrate intersectionality, amplify the incredible work other groups are doing, forge partnerships, and let women across the Hill know that WCSA is here for them. We will also continue reaching out to the larger DC community through community service events, relationships with women’s organizations, and more. Please contact me any time with your ideas for how WCSA can better serve our community and all women. I hope to get your vote and see you soon!

Tess Glancey

I would not be nearly as successful on Capitol Hill without the mentorship and guidance of other, more senior and successful women. Throughout my years in government service, I can point to the relationships I’ve built with women who have helped bring out the professional skills and personal qualities I never knew I had to thrive in a work environment like Capitol Hill. It is my sincere hope to be one of those women to someone else starting out in their career—that is why I am passionate about serving as an Outreach and Community Service Director Co-Chair. The WCSA has been a valuable tool for me over the years as I’ve navigated Washington—and its resources such as the mentorship program, newsletters, and social events have contributed to my professional development and personal growth. I want to help take WSCA to the next level and recruit more women to such a worthwhile group. Moreover, I have the time, energy, and resources to dedicate to a Director position. It would be an honor to dedicate myself to such a remarkable group of women and an association that has the power to do so much good.

Maureen Acero

My name is Maureen Acero, and I am running for the Outreach and Community Service Director position. Coming to the Hill as an intern, I unfortunately learned that women were undermined whether one was a Staff Assistant or Chief of Staff. This motivated me to join WCSA’s Professional Development Committee in hopes to learn how to build on my professional skills despite the situation. Since then, WCSA has given me the confidence to “make bossy work for me”, and taking on a leadership role would allow me to help provide this type of environment for members. Giving back to WCSA and its members involves taking on a leadership role because of the jurisdiction one has over events that impact and benefit members. After speaking with Annika about what she expects from her future co-chair, I realized my Staff Assistant and Capitol Hill Community Service Association (CHCSA) positions gave me the experience to contribute to the committee. Skills, such as event planning and outreach are key to making the Outreach and Community Service Committee a success

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