WCSA Outreach and Community Service Director Candidate Statements  (2 available positions)

Naomi Savin

My name is Naomi Savin and I’d love to be one of the Outreach and Community Service Directors on WCSA’s 2020-2021 Board of Directors. I’ve worked on the Hill since September of 2019 and joined WCSA per the recommendation of a running club friend in the spring. I’ve really enjoyed the (virtual) WCSA events I’ve been able to attend since then and would love to take on a leadership role on the board. Community service has always been very important to me, and I’m always looking for ways to show up—from volunteering at a preschool for six years, to knocking doors for candidates in local elections, to spearheading fundraising efforts for Make-A-Wish as part of my sorority, to making phone calls to help with ballot initiatives in my home state of Idaho. I’d love to work with the other Outreach and Community Service Director to plan events and opportunities for WCSA members to engage, and expand our footprint, in our DC community. I know this role will look different in the midst of COVID, but I see this as an opportunity to think outside the box about how we can take advantage of new and existing opportunities to serve while we work (primarily) from home. I’m outgoing, friendly, and I love meeting new people. In my free time I like to read, run, drink Trader Joes wine on my porch, and eat peanut butter.

Anna Owens

I am from a small Michigan town and am passionate about the importance of mentorship.  WCSA has been a wonderful resource during my time on Capitol Hill, and the events have always been informative and inspirational.  The WCSA community is full of passionate people, and I am honored to run as one of the Directors for the Outreach and Community Service Committee.  

I firmly believe everyone has something to give back to the community, whether it is time or resources.  I have both a passion for and experience planning events that will benefit this organization.  While in school, I served as president of an organization with over 350 members and worked to expand membership and create an inclusive environment for our members.  My experience organizing events, such as voter registration drives and workshops, will lend itself well to planning events for WCSA members.  In this new world of teleworking and social distancing, I believe this committee’s role is increasingly important as an opportunity to give back to those struggling and show solidarity within our community.  As Co-Director of this committee, I hope to bring this experience to the wonderful women of the Hill.  Should I be elected to this role, I am looking forward to encouraging others to get involved in both WCSA and our community.

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