WCSA Outreach and Community Service Director Candidate Statements  (2 available positions):

Erin Moffet

Looking back on my start on the Hill as a press intern nearly nine years ago, I remember how exciting it was to embark on this career path. It was also terrifying. On the Hill, the culture, operations, and professional development opportunities are nuanced. Far too often, staffers are unaware of the resources available to them. It wasn't until my fifth year on the Hill, as communications director, that I became aware of WCSA. After attending my first WCSA conference, two things became clear. First, I wish I had known about WCSA sooner! Secondly, I was inspired to help other women on the Hill navigate challenges and better position themselves to reach their own goals. I have loved doing this through the mentorship program as well as speaking at a recent professional development event. Now I hope to further these efforts as a committee director, working to bolster program offerings for all levels of staffers – from working on the Hill 101 to providing guidance on transitioning from entry to mid to senior level positions to connecting staffers with outside industry contacts – to keep members engaged as they move up in seniority. Because more committed senior staff means more junior staffers in their offices will have a better awareness of WCSA's offerings, so they get their start with the support I wish I had, building a secure network of women helping women succeed on the Hill.

Samantha Heyrich

Samantha Heyrich is running for the Director of Outreach and Community Service. As Director of Outreach and Community Service, Sam would strive to expand WCSA’s presence and footprint into the greater D.C. area by developing relationships with other staff associations off the Hill to increase networking opportunities for WCSA members. She also would expand community service opportunities for members to help women and girls in the D.C. area.  


Sam currently serves as a Legislative Correspondent for Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, handling Judiciary issues. Sam earned a B.A. in Political Science and Anthropology from Bryn Mawr College. She currently is working towards her M.P.S. in Legislative Affairs from George Washington University. In her free time, Sam runs a small business, Applicant’s Best Friend, specializing in editing college admissions essays.

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