WCSA Outreach and Community Service Director Candidate Statements  (2 available positions)

Nicole Henry

I am running for Outreach & Community Service Director to contribute to my community, grow my network within WCSA, and use that platform to increase member engagement. I joined WCSA during COVID and understand the frustration of getting involved during this new environment. I plan to use my leadership role to engage members through innovative ways of service. Just because we are living in a hybrid world does not mean we cannot have a clothing drive to dress young women for the job they want or create an inclusive mentorship program for interns coming from disadvantaged backgrounds. Regarding the outreach piece, I thrive on connections and look forward to recruiting and advocating for WCSA. I understand recruiting females from both sides of the aisle is a goal. As a Democrat, I surround myself with bipartisan work and social circles, and understand representation on both sides is vital. I look forward to working with my co-chair to drive this mission.

I serve in leadership roles in other Associations and have adapted our missions to the pandemic. This past year, I have created and funded a new scholarship for interns as the Vice-Chair of the State Society of Rhode Island. Additionally, I am a co-chair of the Technology, Telecommunications, and IP Task Force in Women in Government Relations. Here, I have engaged new members by setting up one-on-one calls and finding ways they can get more involved. I look forward to taking my experience and enthusiasm to drive success in WCSA’s mission.

Anna Owens

I am from a small Michigan town and am passionate about the importance of mentorship.  WCSA has been a wonderful resource during my time on Capitol Hill, and the events have always been informative and inspirational.  The WCSA community is full of passionate people, and I am honored to run as one of the Directors for the Outreach and Community Service Committee. 

I firmly believe everyone has something to learn and something to offer others, from giving time back to the community to sharing advice to others.  I have both a passion for and experience in planning WCSA events.  During the past year, I have served as the Co-Director for the Outreach and Community Service Committee, where I helped plan several volunteer events such as documentary viewings or food bank drives.  My experience organizing events will lend itself well to continuing to plan future events for WCSA members.  In this new world of teleworking and social distancing, I believe this committee’s role is increasingly important as an opportunity to give back to those struggling and show solidarity within our community.  As Co-Director of this committee, I hope to bring this experience to the wonderful women of the Hill.  Should I be elected to this role, I am looking forward to growing with my fellow WCSA members.

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