WCSA Treasurer Candidate Statement  

Lauren Dudley

My name is Lauren Dudley, and I ask that you elect me as Treasurer of the Women’s Congressional Staff Association.  I am an ideal candidate for this position due to my experience overseeing finances for WCSA and large student organizations and my commitment to WCSA.


In April, I was appointed by the WCSA Board as Treasurer following a vacancy.  I hit the ground running by getting trained on our payment and website systems.  I coordinate budget approvals and reimbursements for multiple WCSA events including the WCSA Annual Summer Conference, and I facilitate dues payments.  I joined WCSA in 2014 after attending the annual conference, and since that first event I have tried to attend as many WCSA events as possible.  


I am qualified to serve as Treasurer of WCSA because of my financial knowledge.  While in college and law school, I oversaw tens of thousands of dollars in funding and expenditures.  As president of my college rugby team, I oversaw an annual budget of $40,000; submitted requests for state funding; coordinated dues payments; and approved expenditures for equipment, travel, and other costs.  As Editor-in-Chief of the American University International Law Review, I supervised 80 staff members and an annual budget of $60,000 for printing and publication, staff events, and an annual symposium. 


I appreciate your consideration.  I would be happy to answer any questions and can be reached at lauren.r.dudley@gmail.com.

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