WCSA Secretary Candidate Statement: 

Lauren Dudley

My name is Lauren Dudley, and I ask that you elect me as Secretary of the Women’s Congressional Staff Association. I currently serve as Counsel to the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and have worked full-time on the Hill for over 6 years. I am an ideal candidate for this position due to my commitment to the professional development of women on Capitol Hill and my experience overseeing finances for WCSA.

In April 2016, I was appointed by the WCSA Board as Treasurer following a vacancy, and I have served as Treasurer since then. In 2016, I hit the ground running by getting trained on our payment and website systems. I coordinate budget approvals and reimbursements for all WCSA events including the WCSA Annual Summer Conference, and I facilitate dues payments. During the 2017-2018 WCSA year, I also co-led WCSA’s first Diversity & Inclusion Initiative and co-chaired the WCSA Mentorship Program.

I am qualified to serve as Secretary of WCSA due to my previous experience on the board and volunteer leadership experience. For example, as a WCSA Board member, I have had to jump in and send out newsletters and troubleshoot membership issues. I have also assisted with planning of the WCSA conference for 4 years. When I am not at work, I serve in a leadership position with the Junior League of Washington -- I take notes at monthly council meetings and help oversee approximately 100 trained volunteers.

I appreciate your consideration.

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