WCSA Vice President Candidate Statements:  

Seema Ibrahim:

I am excited to announce my candidacy for Vice President. I am currently a legislative aide for Senator Chuck Schumer (NY). I have been a member of WCSA since I started on the Hill 4 years ago. This previous year I was excited and honored to serve as one of the first Co-Chairs of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee. In that position, my co-chair and I did our best to create a warm and welcoming environment for staffers who may not have felt as included by WCSA in the past. We held panels on issues such as impostor syndrome and micro aggressions. This is work that I hope to build upon as Vice President. WCSA is the largest affinity staff association on the Hill currently and that gives this organization the opportunity to create a space where women can build lasting networks and develop professionally and personally. Whether this be through informal happy hours or structured speaker events.

Faith Williams:

I am excited to announce my candidacy for the position of Vice President. I have been involved with WCSA for nearly four years and this organization means so much to me. In addition to sincere friendships, I have made professional connections that have helped me advance on Capitol Hill and pay it forward to other women. While we have made great strides, we must continue working to achieve gender equality on Capitol Hill. I'm proud to be a part of that effort and want to continue doing so as a member of the WCSA Executive Board.

I will bring institutional knowledge to the role, having served as Media Chair for the 2016 summer conference and Printing/Gifts Chair for the 2017-2019 conferences. I served as Outreach & Community Services Director in 2016-2017, in which role I organized a popular senior grocery delivery event and built partnerships with other staff associations. I currently serve in the role of Secretary, where I have made the newsletter structure more consistent and easier to read.

As Vice President, I will advocate to improve member benefits, which will revitalize the organization through increased engagement. I will also push to establish a transparent application and appointment process for conference leadership positions, which will encourage more people to contribute fresh ideas. I hope to earn your support! I would be glad to hear your suggestions and answer any questions.

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