WCSA President Candidate Statement: 

Colleen Carlos


I am running for President of the Women’s Congressional Staff Association.  I have enjoyed serving as the Membership Services Director of WCSA, and hope to continue my work and dedication to WCSA if I am afforded the opportunity to be President.


In addition to my position as Membership Services Director, I have also had the opportunity to lead different events and programs for WCSA. This includes creating and co-leading the mentorship program and

co-chairing our signature Summer Leadership Conference. Both opportunities have allowed me to exercise my leadership skills in a wide range of settings, from managing small groups to creating a comprehensive program for 100 + participants. 


As President, I will continue to build upon WCSA’s past successes. I am committed to presenting a diverse agenda of events based on member feedback, and would like to continue collaborating with other staff organizations and outside women’s groups. Most importantly, I will work to ensure WCSA remains a bipartisan and bicameral organization.


WCSA has not only allowed me to grow professionally, but it has also given me confidence in my abilities as a staffer and leader. I believe WCSA is an invaluable resource for all women on the Hill, which is why I am running for President. I am passionate about WCSA’s mission and am committed to empowering women in government, so more women will join and share the positive experience I have had.


Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions. I appreciate your consideration of my candidacy.




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