WCSA President Candidate Statement:


Brianna Battle

The Women’s Congressional Staff Association was the first organization I joined when I started on the hill three years ago. I remember attending WCSA events with other people who - unbeknownst to me - turned out to be lifelong friends. WCSA is the largest staff association on Capitol Hill, and with that comes great responsibility to effectively help women on Capitol Hill achieve their goals. Since it’s conception, WCSA has continued to do just this. I know, because it definitely has contributed to my growth and success as a staffer - and for this I am forever indebted. This past year I was honored to co-chair WCSA’s very first Diversity and Inclusion committee. Within this role, I found inspiration in creating discussions around difficult topics. Whether this was through briefings, happy hours, or other events, the goal was always to make people feel welcomed and encourage professional development. My co-chair Seema and I executed these goals very well. I am proud of what my committee achieved this year, and I would love to continue to ingrain WCSAs vision as president – with the help of a wonderful WCSA board. I am a team player, friendly, and am confident I will be a great candidate for WCSA President. Thank you!

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