Professional Development Committee


The Professional Development Committee organizes and plans career development events such as salary negotiation, resume development, networking skills, interviewing skills, and career advancement events.  The committee is also responsible for developing a mentorship program.

Want to get more involved?  Email Elizabeth-Burton Jones for information on upcoming committee meetings or ways to get involved in planning our professional development events.

Chair: Elizabeth-Burton Jones






 Elizabeth-Burton Jones is a Press Aide. She has previously served as Communications Director, Press Secretary and Deputy Press Secretary for various Members of Congress. Elizabeth is proudly from Canton, Ohio (home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame). In 2012, she graduated from John Carroll University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree with Majors in  Communications and Theatre Arts and  minors in History and Spanish. In 2014, she graduated from Georgetown University with a Master of Arts Degree in Communication, Culture and Technology.  In 2015 she was appointed Adjunct Professor for Georgetown University's Department of Performing Arts where she teaches Public Speaking. In her free time she writes for local DC community papers, sings around town and is a volunteer for the SOURCE Theater Festival.  



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