WCSA Diversity and Inclusion Director (NEW) Candidate Statements (2 positions available):

Ivelisse Porroa

I am running to be Co-Director of WCSA's Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Committee, which is my current role. In the past year, D&I Committee has organized several successful events to promote diversity and inclusion in Congress. Among these events are a personal defense workshop to teach women holistic methods to defend themselves against physical or emotional aggression in the streets or at work. In addition, we partnered with Tri-Caucus and led the organization of a speaker series with women of color working on senior positions in Congress, as well as a panel with black leaders in the DC community to show how to move beyond performative allyship. In the next year, if elected, I will continue the work to create a more diverse and inclusive environment for women, including organizing a panel with transgender women of color and a panel to increase diversity in internships cohorts.

Now, allow me to tell you about myself. I am a Legislative Assistant for Congressman Raul Ruiz, M.D. In my current role, I manage the drafting, negotiation, and passage of federal legislation, amendments, and appropriations report language through the U.S. House of Representatives and into public law. I have secured passage of 12 pieces of legislation through the House (7 bills and 5 amendments) and 4 amendments into public law. During my free time, I enjoy painting, reading literature classics in Spanish, or listening to the Hamilton soundtrack.

Nandini Narayan

I currently work from Congressman TJ Cox and I previously worked Congressman Ro Khanna, two amazing Asian American Pacific Islanders to work for in Congress. They have both really taught me not only does representation matter, but diversity leads to more inclusive policy. As a WCSA Diversity and Inclusion Director, I would focus on planning events and panels that empower women to reach for their highest goals and not limit themselves. Women need to be part of all policy conversations and shape our future. And the key to achieving that is building a pipeline. I have seen how diversity pipelines can lead to diverse representation in California. I would be a person that anyone could reach out to for guidance and really focus on making Capitol Hill more inclusive, so it represents American. I hope to have your support!

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