WCSA Diversity and Inclusion Director (NEW) Candidate Statements (2 positions available):

Brianna Battle

My name is Brianna Battle, and I am confident I would be an effective Diversity and Inclusion Director for the Women’s Congressional Staff Association (WCSA).

After graduating from college, I wanted to pursue a career in politics, with the ultimate goal of making a positive impact on the lives of others. My passion eventually led me to my first job working for Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky in Washington, D.C. I am proud to now be a Legislative Correspondent for Senator Ed Markey, working on Healthcare and Agriculture issues.

Like most people, my path to here was one full of hard work and dedication. However, if it were not for diversity and inclusion initiatives on Capitol Hill, I would not be the person I am today. These fruitful initiatives provided me with the resources I needed to develop into a great staffer. I was exposed to events and discussions crafted toward a diverse crowd. These interactions ignited my interest to join clubs, and be a part of something bigger than myself. For the first time since coming to the Hill, I felt “included.” With my knowledge of how beneficial these types of initiatives can be, it would be an honor to “pay it forward” through an outlet as fantastic as WCSA. These new positions will have sweeping-positive impacts on Hill staffers, especially women. If chosen, I aim to plan events that make all feel welcome, so when people think of WCSA, they feel at home regardless of their backgrounds.

Kaitlyn Montan

My name is Kaitlyn Montan, and I ask that you vote for me for WCSA Diversity and Inclusion Director. I first got involved with WCSA when I joined the 2017 Summer Conference Committee. However, instead of sticking to the side lines, I went all in and became the Volunteer Co-Coordinator for the event. My time with the conference inspired me to continue my work with WCSA, and I am thrilled to now be a candidate in the WCSA elections. After joining WCSA, for the first time since coming to DC, I felt at home. The warmth and strength from the women I met made me want to be a better staffer, a better mentor, and a better person. WCSA gave me the opportunity to step out of my shell and take advantage of all the opportunities the Hill has to offer. 

If elected I hope to help WCSA reach its full potential. There are so many women on the Hill that I believe could benefit from the resources and experience WCSA staffers have, and WCSA in turn could benefit from a more diverse membership. As WCSA continues to grow, it is vital that we continue to celebrate and encourage the diversity that staffers have to offer, and I hope to be part of that new venture for WCSA. Additionally, I hope to use my friendship with staffers from other staff associations like the Congressional Hispanic Staff Association and the Congressional Black Association in order to encourage more partnership and friendship among each other. 

While the Diversity Initiative Chair is a new position, I am incredibly excited for the opportunities this position can give for WCSA, and I hope to be given the chance to really expand our membership and increase understanding of diversity. As a young Latina, I know organizations like WCSA can really help all women grow and learn, and I truly believe that every female staffer could gain something from WCSA. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions. I sincerely appreciate your consideration.

Seema Ibrahim

I am excited to run for WCSA’s Diversity and Inclusion Co-Chair. As a three-year member, I applaud the work that WCSA has done prioritize diversity and inclusion. If elected, I would hope to continue and build upon these efforts. 

There are many different types of women that work on Capitol Hill and I believe that WCSA can offer an inclusive environment to reach these women. If elected, I would work with other board members to encourage and ensure that a diversity of voices are heard at WCSA-sponsored panels and events. Additionally, I would work to collaborate and engage with other staff associations on future events and to bring more voices to the table. Thank you to the current WCSA board for their work on diversity and inclusion and creating the positions. I look forward to meeting everyone and thank you for considering my candidacy. 

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