WCSA Media Director Candidate Statement:

Natasha Dabrowski 

I am applying to serve as Media Director because I would like to grow WCSA’s mission of empowering and helping women. I have been a Member of WCSA since I started on the Hill in 2016, and most recently I have served as Co-Chair of the Outreach and Community Service Committee. I would love to give back to the organization that has provided me with strong female mentorship, enriching programming, and engaging events.


In my current role on Capitol Hill, I am responsible for managing all our social media profiles, maintaining the Coalition website, and helping create shareable graphics for all platforms. I also create social media posts for my University's DC Alumni Association Chapter profiles to get the word out about events, engage members online, and create a sense of virtual community.


I will bring my communications talent and my passion for advancing WCSA's mission to this role. I have already successfully organized and publicized WCSA events in my current role as Co-Chair of the Outreach and Community Service Committee. I hope to continue supporting WCSA's executive board and committee directors by publicizing WCSA happenings and creating a stronger online community of members.

Samantha Carter

Hello everyone. My name is Samantha Carter and I’m the Digital Director for the House Budget Committee. I manage the Committee’s social platforms, website, photography, videography, branding, and other digital projects. While this job requires maximum flexibility, and frequently lugging video equipment into tiny Capitol complex elevators, the best part is how creativity and digital analytics are woven into everything our team does. This includes using analytics to assess how the Committee’s messaging is being received, and how we should adapt so we’re reaching people in the most effective way possible. 

In my time in this role, one of my proudest accomplishments has been the rebranding of the Committee. This included a new logo, color scheme, website redesign, and ensuring that our social language was more accessible and relatable and would resonate outside the Beltway. I firmly believe that if something isn’t resonating, whether it’s a video or social messaging, don’t dig in your heels – try something different. I have also created reliable infrastructure and proven plans that have allowed our Committee to conduct virtual hearings and roundtables. 

Today we are more reliant on new media than ever before as we seek real and meaningful connections. So while my path to Capitol Hill hasn’t been typical, including digital positions at a few international nonprofits, a consulting firm, and a magazine, I know that my diverse skills, knowledge, and experience will enrich my capacity to be an effective New Media Director and help WCSA thrive in the digital space.

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