WCSA Mentoring Program


WCSA’s mentoring program provides interested members an opportunity to meet and establish a relationship with a more senior female mentor who can provide long-term one-on-one career and personal advice.  Through a detailed matching program, a series of events, and ongoing guidance throughout the program, WCSA helps lay the foundation for these relationships to provide lasting benefits to participants beyond the scope of the formal program.  


Our Program

Like many other mentoring programs, WCSA matches participants with mentors through a detailed questionnaire. We will have a kick off event at the beginning of the program, so mentors and mentees can meet and exchange information.  Participants are matched for a three-month program, during which mentors are prompted to interact with their mentees in different ways--by attending off-Hill events together or meeting for coffee, for example.  Of course, pairs are encouraged to contact one another as they feel comfortable and as needed--the formal program merely reminds and encourages mentors to reach out to their mentees.  At the end of the program, all participants are invited to an appreciation happy hour to recognize them for giving their time.


After the Program

After the three-month program ends, participants should have developed a lasting relationship with their mentor that can continue to provide benefits outside the formal requirements of the program.  In addition, all participants are invited to opt-in to the subsequent program semester to be matched with another mentor and mentee.  Finally, all participants will be asked to fill out a feedback form so that we can help future participants know how to make the most of their experience and improve the program overall.


Time Commitment

Hill staffers are busier than most--that's why our program allows for optimum flexibility. By becoming a mentor, participants will be signed up to receive one to two emails per month from WCSA and are expected to meet with their mentee once every three to four weeks throughout the course of the program.  The length and complexity of those meetings is at the discretion of the mentor and mentee.



Questions? Email womenscsa@gmail.com! 

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