Sensitive Issues in the Workplace

From Washingtonienne to Government Girl, the Hill can be a tricky place when it comes to office professionalism and after-work socializing for women.  WCSA recently sponsored a panel to share the information and resources that are available to Congressional staffers facing difficult situations--from identifying subtle suggestions to stopping outright harassment.

For complete notes from the panel regarding resources, available courses of action, and other information, please download our
Sensitive Issues Guide.  * Please note that the resources on this page are intended to provide an overview of potential options in sexual harassment cases.  The content on this site is not intended to provide legal advice.


  • Barbara Sapin, Deputy Executive Director, Office of Compliance – Senate
  • Debbie Frank, Office of Employee Assistance – House of Representatives
  • Kristin Alden, Attorney, Kraft Eisenmann Alden, PLLC



  • Office of Compliance

This Office does confidential counseling. You can telephone them or stop by their office to learn what your rights are. If you call them, they can call an office back and say that an interest in having training has been expressed to them. They keep track of areas or offices that may need training because of the frequency of complaints. Visit the office’s website at

  • Senate Chief Counsel for Employment

The Senate Chief Counsel for Employment represents management in harassment complaints.  Representatives of this office are available to go to each Member’s office and give seminars at the request of a Chief of Staff or Administrator. The seminars are about an hour long and include a video. They also give seminars three times each summer for interns through the Education and Training Office.  Contact this office at x45424.

  • House Office of Employee Assistance

This Office offers counseling to help you deal with stress and guilt that may accompany any incidents. You can talk to a therapist or counselor.

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